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Beliefs: Fear vs. Love - Learn from a Doctor

Hey guys!  The content below is inspired/borrowed from Dr. Becky Bailey's book Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline. It contrasts beliefs based on fear and love. This was originally directed to parents however the beliefs can be applied to any relationship. You will most likely discover the beliefs and values present in your own upbringing. There is a good way to do relationships and there is wrong way. My hope is that your connection with people will increase as you overcome fear. Remember, discipline is a lifelong journey, not just a technique so you might as well enjoy it. Here we go... Fear-Based Discipline Belief Value it Teaches Children and Strengthens in Us It is possible to make others change....

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Mike Maeshiro - The Soul Cancer Cure

"Whether it’s finances, relationships, physical well-being, emotional health, or any other significant area of our lives, our prosperity is determined by our ability to embrace it within ourselves first." - Mike Maeshiro Mike Maeshiro is a speaker, author and coach whose vision is to increase the spiritual intelligence of the planet. Below is an article from his blog about cultivating a prosperous soul. Find more of Maeshiro here **Enter Mike Maeshiro** “Yeah, but you’re not like other people.” This is often the rebuttal I get when I share my thoughts on how to overcome obstacles in life. There is the temptation to feel punished for my success or disqualified because I’m “extraordinary.” But the more I experience this type of...

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4 Studies That Show Your Brain Can Recover After Years Of Porn Exposure - fightthenewdrug.com

"When a brain that has become accustomed to chronic overstimulation stops getting that overstimulation, neurochemical changes in the brain start happening. As a result, many users report withdrawal symptoms."  Hello my furry little friends! Below you will find an article I stumbled across from fightthenewdrug.org It is refreshing hopeful for a topic saturated in shame. Enjoy! **Enter Fight the New Drug** At Fight the New Drug, we talk a lot about the doom and gloom of porn addiction. How it will affect our brains, ruin our relationships, etc. That information can be important and help us create better strategies for our recovery but let’s be honest, it can also be really depressing. So let’s look at the other side of...

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Ruby K. Payne - Common Mindsets Found In Different Social Classes

Hello boys and girls! Below you can find a chart from the book A Framework for Understanding Poverty where Dr. Ruby K. Payne shows some of the different mindsets commonly found the poor, middle and wealthy class. Each belief is learned through situational experience and community. This means each belief can be unlearned. You may find this helpful in understanding the context in which you were born. Which class resonates with you the most? What are some bad beliefs you have adopted and what will replace them? If the truth sets you free (John 8:32) then lies hold you captive. Have a look... Amazon link: A Framework for Understanding Poverty Share your thoughts in the comments!

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John Crowder - Spirit, Soul, Body

Hello Boys and Girls!John Crowder speaks on misconceptions about man as a three-part being. What he says may be controversial or even offensive. Listen with an open heart as it takes him a few mins to get into it. Have fun as he challenges your paradigm! :) Find more of John Crowder's site here.

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